Planned Parenthood and The GOP Hypocrisy: Lobbying and SuperPACs

I’m watching the CSPAN coverage of the Planned Parenthood Government Funding. It’s hilarious that the Republican Congressmen, especially the chair of this committee, attempting to use funding legal lobbying, legally funding of super PACs, and other political campaigns to prevent PlannedParenthood from receiving federal funds (note: mainly via Medicaid).

Remember, Oil/Energy companies – lobbying for Keystone XL, or defense companies – lobbying and funding super PACs, and Wall St, who got bailed out, lobby and support Super PACs. They got 100s of billions dollars. So, if you a fiscal conservative, and object to this … then just be constant. However, right now, this is just fine and legal. Citizens United baby!

This is $300-400 million we are fighting over a year. (That’s about $1 per person in the United States.)