David P. Discher

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Redwood City, CA 94063
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Sr. UNIX System Administrator and DevOps
Aspiring FreeBSD Kernel Developer
Seeking a Design/Architect position embedded systems, storage, embedded appliances or technical leader in scale out of production operations

by David P. Discher December 12, 2018 19:47

I've had over a decade of experience working with FreeBSD in various different applications and use cases. I would prefer a position that would allow and support me to be involve with contributing back to the community and increasing my involvement in the FreeBSD Project. Outside of a role that has direct involvement with FreeBSD, my background lends to a position of leadership in the DevOps area, specifically around large scale operations for physical or cloud systems, storage, databases, or content delivery. Ideally, I wold prefer to work closely with all phases of a product or projects from the planning, design, implementation and execution.


Washington University in St. Louis, MO Degree Date December 2001 School of Engineering and Applied Science Bachelor of Science in Applied Science   Major: Computer Science


Work Experience

Self-Employed   Jan 2015 - Present
Entrepreneur/Consultant Redwood City, CA  
freelance consulting and contracting (via iXSystems on FreeNAS/TrueNAS) (March-June 2015)
Internet of Things (IoT), Home Automation
chatFabric - September 2016 - 30sec HW Demo
chatFabric - January 2016 Status Update and Demo
embedded systems Espressif ESP8266 (C99/C/C++)
ugly iOS/Objective-C application (chatFabric Controller on iTunes Store)
Used CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software to create custom Printed Circuit Boards
iXsystems, Inc.   June 2017 - Oct 2018
Director Of Information Technology San Jose, CA  
Established a purchasing relationship to get the best pricing on Juniper Network gear.
Learned JunOS from starch, and the defacto corporate network administrator ( Basic proficiency in JunOS/Juniper EX & SRX switching and routing and IPSec configuration, as well as bird/if_ipsec on FreeBSD.
Complete core networking upgrades and new office deployment.
Cloud Virtualization consolidation. From Proxmox and VMware to FreeBSD+ bhyve.
Re-implemented production burn-in and automatic inventorying system
Recruited team to overhaul the ERP system(s).
Negotiated with CoreSite, Cogent and AT&T to contracts for office and colocation services
Established a Cross-departmental Shared Performance Lab Group to consolidate efforts and resources.
Established Core Infrastructure packaging and deployment systems for FreeBSD. (Foot print and team is too small for large scale config management and deployment systems.)
Migrated multiple MySQL Databases into a MariaDB + Galera Cluster (Galera is a Multimaster Cluster based on synchronous replication).
Migrated entire company from Zimbra to Google G-Suite
Contributed small patches and features to multiple open source projects via Github - ( opennetadmin/ona, churchers/vm-bhyve, phpipam/phpipam, manuelkasper/mod_auth_pubtkt )
Netflix, Inc.   Nov 2012 - Nov 2014
Content Delivery Operations Engineer Los Gatos, CA Full-Time : Employee
general day-to-day operations of a large scale CDN
automation of daily capacity reporting
SPAT: Syslog Parsing and Automation Tool
Twitter, Inc.   July 2012 - Nov 2012
Site Reliability Engineer San Francisco, CA  
@daviddpd Full-Time : Employee
Part of the Twitter Reliability Engineering Team
BitGravity, Inc.   Sept 2009 - July 2012
Lead System Administrator Burlingame, CA Sept 2009 - July 2012
Sr. Operational Engineer for a Global Content Delivery Network Full-Time : Employee
Promoted to Team Lead Feb 2012
Managing FreeBSD Kernel Contractor's projects
Validated Kernels and drivers hardware
Optimization and Tuning of FreeBSD OS over the CDN
Install Automation
R&D of new technologies
Xen HVM for development consolidation
MySQL Database Admin
Storage and Performance Testing, Research and Optimization (NAS, Object Store)
Load Balancing (Foundry, A10) Technologies for Web and Database
Yahoo!, Inc.   Aug 2005 - Sept 2009
Infrastructure Engineering Sunnyvale, CA June 2008 - Sept 2009
Technical Yahoo: FreeBSD Kernel Team Member Full-Time : Employee
In Team Support for Senior Kernel Developers
Tested Kernels and drivers on new hardware
Help Create new PXE Networking Installers
Facilitated signing of NDAs with major chip-set vendors for creating drivers for FreeBSD
Platform/Y!OS Engineering Sunnyvale, CA Oct 2007 - June 2008
Technical Yahoo: FrontEnd Engineer Full-Time : Employee
Creating Web 2.0 Widgets for Common Community Platforms
Frontend Engineer for next gernation ("Y!OS")community platforms
Legacy Data Migration and Download Applications
Yahoo! Ad Systems Operations Sunnyvale, CA Aug 2005 - Sept 2007
Technical Yahoo: Sales Operations Full-Time : Employee
Provide production operational support for Yahoo! Internal Ad Sales Systems
Provides 24x7 production support (rotating basis)
Implementing monitoring using proprietary internal Yahoo! tools, integrate with Nagios
ensures Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance and proper Change Management process for controlled products
Basic Release Engineering and support for developers
Developed Internal tools on (L)AMP platform to aid in operational tasks
Inherited and became main support and developer (hacker) contact for the customer, internal SOX compliant build system
Teams resident UNIX (FreeBSD & Linux) guru and resource
SBC Communications, Inc.   March 2002 - Aug 2005
SBC Advanced Solutions, Inc. Dublin, CA Nov 2004 - Aug 2005
Senior Communications Specialist Full-Time : Employee
Primary Responsibility: Solaris System Administrator, support, installation, maintenance
Implementing Sun One Directory Service as a Solaris Naming Service
Working with NFS, NIS+, LDAP, perl, php, SSH, nsswitch, PAM, DNS/Bind, Cisco Switches, Sun/Solaris Jumpstart
SBC Services, Inc. St. Louis, MO March 2002 - Oct 2004
Resource Technician Full-Time : Employee
Tier 1 Monitoring Center (ROCC) for Midrange Unix and NT Systems
Work with System, Application, and Database Administrators to resolve problems
Skills used: Unix (AIX, HP, Sun), Communication skills (writen and phone)
Created Perl Scripts to automate creation of BMC Patrol Desktop Files
Created CRM-DR-Backup Script to save critical information to local PCs from ITO's CRM database for the Disaster Recovery
In Progress: Global Knowledge Self-Paced e-Learning UNIX Level I/II, Network Fundamentals, and Trouble shooting TCP/IP
Received an Team Awards for 2002, 2003
Received an Individual Development Award 2003 for CRM-DR-Backup


Technical Skills

Operating Systems
MacOS X (Darwin)
Xen / XCP
Key/Buzz Words
JavaScript / YUI
Shell Scripting
- bash
- Bourne (sh)
- C-Shell (csh)
Intel x86 Assembly
Motorola 68hc11/12 Assembly
FTP Servers