Calling Out Someone’s Religious Beliefs

Again, President Obama is being called a non-America (apparently Hawaii isn’t part of the United States of America), and that he is a Muslim (or maybe more correctly believes in Islam, which is not his public statement of his religion).

As an American, with freedom of religion guaranteed to me, and every other American, I absolutely give Zero Fucks what religion Obama, Trump or anyone is associated with. One is also allowed the freedom to change their religious beliefs.

I’m an Atheist. As along as your beliefs don’t interfere with my own beliefs and freedoms and you don’t attempt to legislate your religious laws and beliefs – I’m good.

By even publicly calling out someone’s religious beliefs in order to publicly making an issue of what religion they worship – this is discrimination, intolerance, and in my opinion coming really close to a hate crime.

Going on on a limb in my non-legal opinion, I believe this activity violates the person’s First Amendment Right of freedom of religion, as well as the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.