OM615 Kitchen Refresh Idea 2021

Idea for. two tone – with roll up door for “coffee” bar.


An idea I like for backsplash.

Awesome Idea for tones and how to slide the color into the frig box.

Also like this for backsplash.

Another idea for frig box … hard to see … looks like it did white/upper color up the side.


White subway for backslash … I like it, but think its a little bland, and would like it punched up a bit.

Another idea for frig box … here they don’t seem to need to wrap the side between the counter and uppers, and just go all white.  I guess the Counter down, for the frig box, could match the lower color.


White subway for backslash … I like this alot for white subway – with the gray grout to make it pop. 

Frig box idea …  I personal think this is too much “lower” or darker color going up the sides. 

NO on this backsplash.

Wow – too sterile ?  But kind of like the back slashes – I think there are two different ones in this picture.

Color in backsplash ?  I do like … but not sure if it works for my kitchen.

Color too much blue on lowers ??

But – like the counter top design here … kind of .  Debating with mom of a solid color or something with more marbling.

woah … too modern, too shiny … but do like the backslash, but again … not sure it works for my kitchen.