Fifty Days of the 365

I didn’t tweet out the photos for the last several days, so lets look at the last 3 days of my 365.

(Large images and links below.)

Days 45 to 50 Collage

So what is a 365 ?

Over on Yahoo! Answers the best answer describes a 365 as a “challenge of personal exploration” for a photographer or aspiring one. After some quick Googling, I still like this 6 year old answer is the best.

I’m not entering a group, club, or contest, it’s just about taking a photo a day. It’s my 365, so it’s my rules.

  1. Take at least one picture each day
  2. Use the good camera (the dSLR). For the purpose my 365, iPhone photos don’t count.
  3. Edit and post the photo(s) to My Flickr Album: dpd’s Three-Sixty-Five for 2015 (no time frame on posting)
  4. For the purpose of a “day”, normal calendar day as of Pacific Time, +/- 3 hours, because I say so.

Photography is my hobby. The main purpose of this project is to increase my excitement and activity in my hobby. In the first 50 days, it has been a challenge to get that photo done by the end of the day. When it gets late, often the subjects suffer. However, I haven’t missed a day yet. Last time I tried this, in 2010, I missed a few days, posting 98 images over 142 days. Wow, five years later, I can see the huge difference in quality already.