First Ever Casting Call

I am finally taking my photography hobby to to the next level, but I need a few models to help. I’m open to pretty much any type or look, from professional models and actors seeking head shots, to families, bands, or athletes who want to sit for me.

For this round, I am going to focus on three styles of studio portraits, each of which have three variations. All of these will be shot in front of black or white seamless backgrounds. This could include many different poses, with or without props, including multiple wardrobe changes.

I’m targeting the weekend of February 21-22 for the shoot. The photo shoot will most take place at my condo in Redwood City, CA. This is an unpaid, trade-for photo shoot. I only do minor adjustments in post, if other re-touching is needed, that will need to be done by a third party.

Update: Feb 17, 2015 – Here are some examples of my work :

Examples by me

The rest of this blog will be examples of these three main styles with variations are from photographers who are on Flickr. I only picked a select few to put on this blog, but you can see additional photos I marked as favorites on Flickr.

The Headshot

The Headshot: Examples

Heads and Shoulders

Heads and Shoulders: Examples

Three quarters and full body

Three quarters and full body: Examples